Codependency counseling - Why Relationship Counselling is Important

30/04/2014 08:01

Relationships, even strong relationships can start to feel frayed, stale, and filled with disagreement and acrimony. In relationship communication counseling with couples, one of my goals would be to make certain that both partners feel safe along with a comfortable location to communicate and express wishes, desires, concerns with intimacy and just how each one concerns the other.

I believe that the healthy relationship is created on mutual respect, communication and willingness to consider compromise. Each individual is unique and, as an individual, apart from every other individual. We have separate bodies so we have separate psyches. Our physical selves and our emotional selves are independent and unique from one another. We have emotional boundaries just as we have physical boundaries. With relationship communication counseling in couples work, perhaps two people can begin to appreciate their differences in addition to their similarities and find new ways to interconnect; while remaining independent entities.

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Intimacy Issues Counseling within the Westwood, Beverly Hills & Santa Monica Area

Intimacy might be difficult or blocked because we run on old fears and feelings and be blocked or afraid. In intimacy issues counseling I provide of those types of situations. For example, a man's girlfriend may in a roundabout way remind him of his mother. He then may relate and react, for instance, according to an old fear, longing or anger he (subconsciously) associates together with his mother and he then reactively applies these feelings about his mother onto his girlfriend.

Codependency Counseling inside the Westwood, Beverly Hills & Santa Monica Area

A person may look to take care of another, run interference or make amends for another or become enmeshed with another because the 2 different people are, in reality, emotionally interdependent (codependent).

Codependency is defined as a psychological symptom in which someone is at an unhappy and unhealthy relationship that needs living with and providing maintain another person In codependency counseling, you begin to discover together how your past relations, experiences, behaviors and feelings might be repeated, re-enacted or reworked in your current feelings, behaviors and relations. In a rut and without judgment, you commence to see more clearly who you are as an independent individual; perhaps interconnected with another individual--as two independent people. My effort is understanding, caring and non-judgmental. I encourage every person and/or the pair to examine goals, wishes and concerns in advancing toward finding new and fulfilling ways and methods of feeling, of relating, to be.